About Us

About AIDR

AIDR (Association of Indian Dirt Racing) is an organization that provides a platform to all the people, who have imposed their passion head in motorsports, to escort their path towards accelerating their technical mastery. Dirt racing, which is the single most common form of auto racing in the world, that offers each participant to fabricate their technical versatility to the next grade.

AIDR is administered by a bunch of well experienced, devoted and dynamic automotive enthusiastic people, who enhanced this venture to impart practical knowledge in students. At the dais of AIDR, the aim is to promote off road racing, mud racing and carting competitions. Theoretical knowledge leads to deeper understanding of a concept but Practical knowledge helps you acquire the specific techniques that become the tools of your trade.


Why Choose Us

Motorsports in India is a growing sport that needs support. Motorsports has existed in India for more than six decades, but it is in the last few years that this sport has gathered popularity and generated interest across the country. It is a man-machine game that requires strong financial support. This makes it difficult for Motorsport enthusiasts to pursue it professionally.

And thus, to make this sport accessible to all, the key aspect is cultivating the right talent at the right time. AIDR provides the necessary facilities, infrastructure and an enabling platform for those young minds to scale up for global competiveness.


AIDR mainly intends to provide a framework in automotive competiveness by hosting race competitions, in order to exchange and explore new ideas and to enhance networking. We are concerned to elevate the vigorously spirited minds, who chase their passion for motorsport, to a higher degree of exposure in motorsports such as Dirt Racing. We will accomplish this by providing the best available knowledge and opportunities by exceeding participant service expectations in a way that will foster strong relationships with the participants.

Our ultimate aim is to conduct championship at both two wheeler and four wheeler categories. AIDR also aim to serve two seasons of training programs per year for Dirt Karting, Mud Racing and Grass Karting championships.

AIDR for Rising Engineers:

AIDR strongly believes that students and the rising engineers should have a prime role in developing the novel uses of technology to improve their experience. We create an opportunity to incubate idea but the side benefit is an amazing amount of intelligence about what student and the rising engineers want.

With the flourished involvement of trained team of employees who have mastered in their motor sportive field of experience, location and creativity, AIDR extends the stage for the rising engineers and students who are beady eyed to increase their technical knowledge.

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